Here's how it happened

Overly compliant media enabled John Edwards' misdeeds
John Edwards leaves the Federal Building in Winston-Salem, N.C., Friday. A federal grand jury indicted the two-time presidential candidate on Friday, accusing him of trying to protect his political ambitions by soliciting and secretly spending more than $925,000 to hide his Mistress and their baby from the public during the peak of his 2008 presidential campaign.

CNN's Anderson Cooper seemed aghast Thursday night that Democrat pretty boy trial lawyer philanderer John Edwards came so close to the presidency. How could that happen!


He needn't be amazed. It was his friends in the "mainstream" media who made it possible -- first by anesthetizing the Left into believing personal character has nothing to do with public jobs (see: Bill Clinton), and then by actively, purposely and hypocritically ignoring the unfolding Edwards infidelity, love child and financial cover-up.

Long after it surfaced publicly in a tabloid publication, The New York Times was well aware of the mushrooming scandal surrounding this Democrat standardbearer -- former vice presidential nominee and presidential candidate. The newspaper willfully chose not to report the story.

Instead, do you know what the Gray Lady did? It chose to dredge up vague, eight-year-old and wholly unsubstantiated rumors about aides to Republican John McCain once having worries that maybe he was seeing a lobbyist. There was never a scintilla of a whiff of actual impropriety. But the newspaper went with it, in an effort to hurt the Republican's chances for the White House.

All the while, it was ignoring actual evidence -- a pregnancy, for instance -- of a Democrat's dalliances.

That's how it happened, Anderson.

Now, after months and months and months of denial after denial after denial -- at one point with Edwards cravenly scurrying for cover from the tabloid press in a hotel men's room -- it's been thoroughly established as fact that Edwards, a wife soon to die of cancer, had an affair and a child with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter.

On Friday, he was indicted on federal charges that donors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep Hunter and the child in luxurious seclusion -- and presumably quiet -- in order to keep Edwards' presidential aspirations alive.

Edwards might not have found himself indicted if he'd only used his own fortune to keep the mistress under wraps. But no. He had to use someone else's money -- nearly a million of it. What a guy!

If it were a crime to be a world-class bootlicking sycophant, one Edwards aide would also be rung up for initially claiming Hunter's baby was his. The aide was married at the time.

The things we do for love!

Considering the stark difference in how Edwards and McCain were treated by the media, can there be any question that the media are unindicted co-conspirators in this scandal?