A monster meets his destiny

Osama bin Laden's death emphasizes America's inevitable victory in war on terrorism

Rarely in human history has one man's demise been so long anticipated and so gratefully embraced.


Osama bin Laden was a cancer on humanity, a pox on civilization, a walking, talking manmade disaster whose raison d'être was hatred and whose livelihood was the killing of innocents.

Poet John Donne famously wrote that "Any man's death diminishes me." Donne never met Osama bin Laden.

Sunday night's jubilation over the Terrorist-in-Chief's belated death, deliciously at the hands of U.S. special forces, was one part New Year's Eve and another part July Fourth. The United States, again -- at great cost, again -- has done mankind a favor it can never pay back.

Truly, God bless America.

That bin Laden survived to torment his enemies and inspire his dark minions for so long is a testament to how many lost souls exist in the world. Yet, the nearly decade-long wait seemed to make the sudden news of his end all the sweeter.

Bin Laden and his flying monkeys vastly, and fatally, underestimated America's strength and resolve. They probably never expected us to come after them and to stay after them indefinitely. They see and hear our internal dissent and think we're hopelessly divided. They watch our military's care and caution in hunting down terrorists and write it off to weakness.

They don't get us. They never will.

Some are calling this the end of the war on terrorism. Hardly. The head has been sliced off, but this is a many-headed beast filled with undying hatred of freedom, of individualism, of women's emancipation and of every other religion. As long as radical Islam harbors such unrelenting disdain for others, and for this life itself, this war will never end.

But we were reminded Sunday, gloriously and mercifully, that it is a war we are destined to win -- and just what absolute prehistoric Neanderthal losers we're battling: One of them hid behind a woman in Sunday's fateful firefight.

Did we say "losers"? Sorry. We meant xenophobic, misogynistic, spineless, nihilistic, reprobate losers.

Yes, the war will go on. Yes, the sad-sack soldiers from the seventh century may get lucky from time to time and score some more innocent souls. But the die is cast, the outcome certain.

The verifiable end to this clash of civilizations could only be hastened if all right-thinking Muslims around the world celebrated this victory with us -- openly, unashamedly -- and joined us in the fight to come.



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:56

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