Remember what we celebrate

Beyond the eggs and the bunnies, don't lose sight of what Easter is about

Sometimes celebrations can get in the way of the very thing you're trying to celebrate.


Easter is one of those times.

Many of the trappings of Easter -- the bunny, the eggs, the hunts, the feasts -- only obscure the reason for all the fuss.

Redemption. Forgiveness. Salvation. A life that will stretch to the infinite, far beyond the mortal calendar. This is what Easter is about.

These themes are of such momentous concern to the human soul, it's amazing and alarming how much the mundane (and commercial) motifs look so trivial by comparison. How can we get caught up so much in the candy and ignore the sweetness of eternal life -- and the path that has been made for us at so great an expense?

We live today in a world awash with instant gratification. It's easy to get shortsighted and focused on the pleasures at hand. But however good we've got it -- or however heavy our cross -- it only gets better from here.

Our Savior made it so.

God bless you all on this Easter Sunday.