Now he wants less regulation?

Obama is responsible for much of the red tape he says he now wants to cut

Barack Obama may as well set fire to the redwood forest and then commission a study on the danger of matches.


After orchestrating massive regulatory bills through the Democratic Congress, including several thousands of pages on health care and financial reform, Mr. Obama has now called for a review of federal regulations to weed out those that hurt job creation and the economy.

You can't make this stuff up. The guy who has created more regulations than any in memory now claims he wants to thin them out.


The potential damage from health-care and financial "reforms" has yet to even be fully surveyed. Is Mr. Obama willing to eliminate those before they worsen an already weak economy?

"The administration's legislative victories are producing dozens of new regulations, on everything from credit card fees to health insurance premium increases," says cable financial network CNBC. "Business leaders say government regulations, including those being written for the health care and financial reform, have hurt job creation at a time of nearly double-digit unemployment."

So, after starting a wildfire, Mr. Obama wants to outlaw matches?