Out of hand?

Liberal talker suggests attention to Constitution has gone too far

This is what happens when the "mainstream" media's farm team for commentators has shifted from Democratic administrations to the local comedy club.


Comedienne and far-left-wing crusader Joy Behar wasted no time before entering herself in the 2011 Imbecilic Quotes of the Year this week, when she prompted a fellow liberal guest on her woeful cable show:

"Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand?"

The comedienne wasn't even trying to be funny.

But as jaw-droppingly comical as that statement is, it's also alarmingly telling -- a sudden and ghastly peek into the dank chambers of liberal thought.

Imagine someone saying, "Do you think this law-abiding-loving is getting out of hand?" Or, "Do you think motorists are getting out of control with their following the rules of the road?"

That's precisely how inane Behar's comment is. She's suggesting that admiring our founding document, much less following it, is a problem that is "getting out of hand."

If the EPA wants to cut down on toxic emissions, there's one right there. We can only pray that only lemmings were tuning in, and no pliable young minds were polluted.

The Constitution constitutes the rules of the road for American society. How can adherence to those rules, or mere acknowledgement of them, ever be "out of hand"?

The truth, as usual, is quite the opposite of a liberal comedian/commentator's assertion: What's truly out of hand is this government's -- and the media's -- disregard and disdain for the law of the land.