McKinney gets it -- now send him to Congress

Electing commonsense conservative to 12th District seat is the most important thing you can do this election



In the most important election in our lifetimes -- one that may or may not preserve the republic itself -- without a doubt the most important ballot cast in these parts will be for the 12th District congressional seat.

We simply must send Ray McKinney to Washington.

This key House race has flown under the national radar for some reason. But in Georgia's 12th, the grass-roots favorite McKinney has a great shot at unseating the entrenched incumbent -- and possibly swinging the House of Representatives back to a coalition of Republican conservatives who respect the Constitution, understand that government has gotten way too big, and know that Washington's role in job creation is to lower taxes, reduce regulations and then just get the heck out of the way.

Ray McKinney doesn't merely understand the American dream; he's lived it. An Effingham County native, McKinney worked his way from forklift operator to skilled craftsman and machinist -- and to the vice president's seat at a nuclear and chemical servicing company.

Indeed, when asked for the best case for supporting him, McKinney -- a down-to-earth regular guy who also happens to have the brains for the nuclear energy business -- says simply, "I get it." Then he whips out a pen and paper to demonstrate how he gets it -- showing in diagram form how American capitalism works, and how the country's current leadership not only doesn't get it, but has actively been thwarting it.

He's absolutely right. The Democratic leadership is hostile to the very businesses that create jobs, and McKinney notes that their failure to extend the Bush tax cuts will add $250 a month to a family of six's tax burden next year.

The Democrat answer is meager tax breaks for businesses that hire new employees. As McKinney argues, what business is going to take on the expense of a new employee in return for a minimal tax break? A business will hire when it has work; it will have work when it has demand for goods or services and the resources to provide them to customers.

The Democrats' government-centric approach has been an unalloyed disaster: Even after the much-vaunted "stimulus" bill of 2009, unemployment is still nesting at about 10 percent -- closer to 20 percent in some rural Georgia counties. It's just that now, thanks to the Democratic leadership, we have another trillion dollars in debt our children will have to pay off.

It's pretty basic stuff. But the current crop of Democrats in Washington just doesn't get it.

Ray McKinney gets it.

So much so that he recently released a 19-page jobs plan designed to stop the bleeding, especially in Georgia -- where, he notes, the economy shed some 50,000 jobs from June 2009 to June 2010, more than any other state other than California.

When will the totally unacceptable status quo be laid at the Democrats' feet?

Ray McKinney also won't be under any pressure to support Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi's strong-armed, job-killing, freedom-strangling policies. Even when the incumbent, John Barrow, does vote the 12th District's values -- although he's got an American Conservative Union lifetime rating of an abysmal 36.20 out of 100, mind you -- he has to go against the grain of his party to do it. Moreover, many suspect he only does it when the coast is clear -- when his vote won't swing the decision. The Confederate Powderworks could have learned a thing or two from him about keeping one's powder dry.

Why send a representative to Congress who needs cover to do the right thing -- especially when doing the right thing just may save this country? It's anyone guess how long the dollar can hold out -- or how long the taxpayer can survive -- with this Congress' unprecedented budget-busting policies. Mr. Obama's health-care law is already spiking insurance costs, and has nearly half the states rebelling against it. Next session, he wants a congressional green light to police all carbon emissions -- an Orwellian and unparalleled attack on individual freedoms.

It's clear, too, what this administration would do on immigration with a compliant Congress: Our southern border will remain an untamed frontier where life is cheap and the laws are expendable. Can amnesty be far behind?

How will John Barrow vote on these things? He won't even say whether he supports Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

Well, the 12th District sure doesn't. And neither does Ray McKinney.

Send Ray McKinney to Congress. It will be the most important thing you do this election.



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