Is Islam Americaphobic?

After book-burning hysteria, let's turn the question around!



In the Battle of the Crazies, Florida seems to have lost.

A lot of folks think Florida pastor Terry Jones is more than a little kooky. Yet, a Muslim imam was able to talk him off the ledge this week and convince him to back away from plans to burn Qurans today.

Well, he may be goofy, but at least he's rational.

Yet, just based on the potential for the burning, Muslims in Afghanistan were rioting and burning things and chanting anti-American slogans -- while U.S. troops risk their lives for Afghan freedom and stability.

The incongruity is telling.

Meanwhile, the "Ground Zero" mosque imam basically is extorting America, arguing that to move the mosque now would only inflame the Muslim world -- kind of like cartoons do -- and endanger American lives.

Essentially, that's a mafioso approach: You've got a nice country here, we'd hate to see something happen to it. We get our way, nobody gets hurt.

That's more offensive than burning any books.

And our president, who defended Muslims' rights to offend Americans with the Ground Zero mosque, but couldn't bring himself to talk about the "wisdom" of their doing so, doesn't hesitate to render his judgment on the wisdom of the American's book-burning plans. So Muslims plan a mosque that 70 percent of America opposes, and Mr. Obama can only focus on their right to build it; but an American wants to protest Islam, and Mr. Obama can only focus on its offensiveness.

Again, the incongruity is telling.

We wish the administration would oppose not just Americans' occasional intolerance, but the vastly more ubiquitous Muslim intolerance as well.

As for the New York imam, we would simply ask: If radical Islam is such a small faction, then why must America be so afraid of offending it?

Or are there more reactionary, intolerant Muslims than you're letting on?

A full nine years after radical Muslims killed thousands and terrorized millions in a brazen act of savage war, it's time for the Muslim world, radical or no, to grow up and stop taking high offense at the slightest grievance. And it's time they turned some of their heightened sensibilities on someone other than themselves.

America, the most tolerant, welcoming, sought-after country in history, is constantly chided for being intolerant. Time magazine asked if America is "Islamophobic." What a load of manure. When is the Muslim world going to show a little tolerance? In the wake of the nutty hysteria in Afghanistan, are the media going to pick apart every Muslim protest and riot and threat and murder of innocents looking for evidence of intolerance? Is the Afghan version of Time going to ask, "Is Islam Americaphobic?"

Don't hold your breath.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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