Where does his faith lie?

Obama's religion is not as troubling as his faith -- in government



Much has been made recently over questions of the president's religious views.

In reporting a poll that says 18 percent of Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, national media have condescendingly added the words "mistakenly" and "incorrectly." Yet, it's quite possible Americans aren't as dumb as the media think: Maybe they're aware of Mr. Obama's Christian affiliation -- and just don't believe it.

There's been more than a little silliness associated with the discussion. MSNBC's Chuck Todd claimed recently that Obama is the most religious president of our times -- noting, as proof, the Bible verses the president gets on his BlackBerry. To make matters worse, Todd oddly adds that people might realize how Christian Obama is if he actually went to church.

Well, yeah, Chuck. His going to church might indeed strengthen your claim that he's the most religious president of his era.

The serious part of this sideshow is that it reveals Americans have little clue what's inside their president, after years of seeing him in the news every day.

The main part of Mr. Obama's faith that troubles us is his unbridled faith in government -- to make life fair, to redistribute wealth, to pick the economic winners and losers, to referee every aspect of life, to save the Earth from extinction.

His religious affiliation may not be as important as his constant tinkering with our lives -- which, it must be said, he does religiously.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:26

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