Respect runs both ways

President lands utterly on the wrong side of the Ground Zero mosque issue



First things first: The debate over the Ground Zero mosque isn't about religious freedom. Muslims have more religious freedom in America than anywhere else in the world.

So when President Obama claims this is about America's tradition of religious freedom, and that this tradition requires a mosque be built in the former shadow of the Twin Towers in New York, he's being highly disingenuous. Again. His modus operandi is to draw unflattering, unrepresentative caricatures of an opponent's argument in order to poke holes in a parody of his own making.

Rather, this is about religious tolerance -- and this particular imam's opportunity to show it toward other Americans, instead of the other way around for a change.

This editorial page had pined for the president to weigh in on the insult about to be perpetrated with the building of the mosque so close to where radical Muslims, in the name of Islam, killed some 3,000 innocent civilians in an act of total war.

How utterly disappointing that when he did finally speak up, he took the side of the Muslims -- pitting him yet again against the wishes of a majority of Americans, as he has been on health care and illegal immigration.

Mr. Obama's premeditated decision to stand against America on this issue is not only an outrage, but is also a clear definition between power and influence: No one is asking him to use his presidential power to stop the mosque, only his considerable influence -- such as he tried so hard to wield in order to lure the Olympic games to Chicago.

Make no mistake about it: The building of this mosque would be no less of an act of religious intolerance than the burning of a church.

Should we also tolerate the erection of a statue to Timothy McVeigh across from the Oklahoma City bombing site, or a life-size Heisman trophy at the site of the O.J. Simpson murders?

Never mind that much of the Muslim world will see the mosque as a monument to their dubious heroes of 9-11; it's enough that Americans are outraged by the idea. Or at least it should be.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll found that 70 percent of Americans oppose the mosque near Ground Zero; 64 percent say so in a Fox News Poll.

But hey, at least Mr. Obama has Islamic terrorist organization Hamas on his side.

The imam behind this -- who many believe is radical himself -- claims this will be a shrine to religious tolerance and understanding. How's that working out?

If you were genuinely interested in extending a hand to someone, but they were insulted by the way in which you did it, wouldn't you try a different tack?

Americans are forever being lectured about being respectful of other cultures. When are other cultures going to reciprocate? Is it so difficult for our Muslim friends to understand that Ground Zero has become sacred ground to us -- much like Mecca, where non-Muslims aren't even allowed to set foot?

Why can't they be tolerant toward us for once?

And why couldn't a U.S. president stand with us on this?



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:15

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