Faith is not a crime

With one voice, world should condemn slaying of Christian aid workers



All anyone in the media can talk about in the case of 10 aid workers slaughtered by the Taliban is what the aid workers were up to.

Were they spies? Or worse -- gasp! -- were they Christians proselytizing?

Even entertaining the question is acceding to the enemy's insidious slander against Americans and Christians.

Surviving aid workers have felt compelled to deny any Christian motives on the part of the murdered health-care workers in Afghanistan, six of whom were angels from America.

We have little doubt the medical volunteers were simply tending to people who desperately needed health care. But we say: What if they were missionaries? Is that a crime now?

Yes, in certain Muslim sections of the world.

To aid workers wherever you are in the world: We don't care what your motivation is, as long as you are helping others. But if you are doing it because of your Christian faith, you shouldn't be made to feel ashamed about it, or deny it three times before the cock crows.

In effect, radical Muslims want to criminalize the spreading of Christianity. Radical Muslims love to throw the word "martyr" around, claiming they can become one if they just kill enough infidels. What a perverted world view.

But truly, in the sight of God, it is people such as these aid workers who are martyrs -- especially if they were acting out their faith!

Those wearing their faith on their sleeves will be judged by their actions. Judge the Taliban's, and judge the aid workers' however you like. One set of actions is from another century, like the savages who perpetrated them.

Regardless of the motivations of those involved, the killing of aid workers may be the most heinous crime known to man. If one could harness the wind and the earth and the water, one could scarcely commit a more despicable or tragic act.

The enemy loves to point the finger to any American combat error as a war crime -- even as our enemies cower like clucking chickens behind their women and children and other innocents, baiting our forces to attack. Much of the world is prone to fall for the ploy, putting American forces on the defensive in world opinion -- while our enemy, with impunity, employs the scythe of 7th-century tactics.

Where's the world's condemnation for our enemy's many war crimes?