Rebuilding Camelot

The peasants are revolting! But first, let's see what the aristocrats are doing



If knowledge is power, the national media seem to think you've got enough of it already.

In their insular, celebrity-obsessed, Camelot-pining world, the national media decided amongst themselves that Americans were "fascinated" by the Chelsea Clinton wedding and simply couldn't get enough of it.

If you were shaking your head about the media's fuss over the affair, you're not alone: A new "News Interest Index Survey" by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found that nearly 60 percent of Americans thought there was too much coverage of the Clinton wedding. One media watchdog counted 87 starry-eyed dispatches from ABC, CBS and NBC between July 25 and August 1.

Fascinated? Or spoon-fed?

What is it with these people? Are they so desperate to re-create Camelot -- that mythical land of Democratic "royalty" first visited upon the Kennedy clan -- that they're willing to delude themselves and turn their own fascination with the Clintons into ours?

Well, yes, apparently so.

Failing that, there's always the Obamas to deify: Networks this past week swooned over Mr. Obama's 49th birthday, with ABC calling it his "Big Day." All three of the broadcast news shows lamented he was alone in Chicago, with Mrs. Obama off on a luxurious vacation in Spain -- but NBC's Savannah Guthrie tried to make us all feel better by noting "the money she spends will boost the Spanish economy."

Fine. Go off and search for another Democratic Camelot wherever you can find it.

But at what expense? As they were fawning over the first family, the broadcast news shows largely ignored the striking results of a vote in Missouri in which 70 percent rejected the new federal mandate to buy health care -- the first test of Obamacare among the electorate.

"It's the vote heard 'round the world," said one Missouri voter.

Not on the nightly news.

Amazing. The peasants are in the early stages of revolt, and our national news media are consumed -- dare we say "fascinated"? -- with the comings and goings of the aristocracy. These folks wouldn't have seen the French Revolution coming for all their sycophantic gushing over Marie Antoinette.

You have to wonder if Missouri's verdict would've led the news if the outcome had been different and the voters sided with Obama.

Well, actually, no you don't.



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:56

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