Tales from the front

Soldiers on the battlefields of Afghanistan tell stories different from critics'



Urgent calls from the left for withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan seemed to melt away with the election of a Democratic president -- despite his ratcheting up of the war in Afghanistan.

Whither Cindy Sheehan?

So be it. We want the troops home as much as anyone. But we've got to finish the job first. We applaud President Obama for doing it.

The depth of the challenge cannot be overstated. Afghanistan remains one of the most primitive locales on Earth, and one of history's most violent.

Yet, rare media reports about what's actually going on today in Afghanistan -- such as Kyle Martin's feature on Augusta's Pfc. Danny Lifsey in Thursday's Chronicle -- remind us that the world's finest fighting force, made up of volunteers, is doing amazing work in some of the most inhospitable and dangerous environs in the world.

Lifsey, all of 19, is in danger nearly every moment. But his platoon's work to free the good people of Afghanistan from the oppressive, violent, racist and misogynistic Taliban -- and the kindness of the locals in return -- makes him believe utterly in the mission.

"We are doing (what) needs to be done," Lifsey wrote in an e-mail, "so these people can one day be free of the Taliban and free to go about their day without fear."

And they're doing it so the haters and killers and oppressors left over from the Stone Age don't get a foothold from which to attack this country again.

Critics of the war have tried to paint our effort as meaningless and futile.

We know some brave soldiers who will tell you otherwise.

Soldier sees good in work in Afghanistan


Wed, 12/13/2017 - 22:29

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