Now is the time to avoid war

America needs more than warnings about Iran – we need to wage peace



The Obama campaign always said it wanted dialogue where Iran and its nuclear ambitions was concerned.

Apparently, that dialogue includes, "Look out!"

As Iran eagerly announces the installation of more advanced centrifuges in its uranium enrichment facilities -- and laughs off the latest U.S. statements -- the feckless Obama administration is now warning the world, through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of a Mideast arms race should Iran create nuclear weapons.

What is the purpose of her warning? Is Madam Secretary saying someone ought to do something? Like, someone other than the United States?

Lanny Davis, former White House counsel to Bill Clinton, said in 2008 that, "The combination of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the world stage is literally breathtaking!"

When Obama first tapped Mrs. Clinton to be secretary of State, the self-styled prophet John Hogue wrote, "I predict that if she accepts Barack Obama('s) offer, we will see breathtaking diplomatic feats of genius not enjoyed since Trilateral Diplomacy, Detente with the Soviet Union, peace agreements with North Vietnam and Nixon's historic visit to China." Of course, he also predicted Mrs. Clinton would be president before 2010.

Well, if Obama or Clinton have any "breathtaking diplomatic feats of genius" in their hats, it's nearly past the time to pull them out. Now is the time to ally the civilized world against the increasingly desperate and dangerous regime in Tehran.

Now is the time to wage peace.

We do hope the Obama administration is savvy enough not to pin its hopes for a peaceful resolution to Iran's belligerence on the fine folks at the United Nations. You saw how the United Nations dealt with Saddam Hussein, which is to say hardly at all. And while Russia is playing like it's warming up to sanctions, China is a holdout and a dealbreaker on the Security Council.

Nor can any rational observer believe that continued dialogue with Iran will matter a morsel. A year of it has come to naught, and has only emboldened the rulers in Iran, who smell weakness as well as the next guy. Besides, as Ayn Rand wrote many years ago, when good seeks to compromise with evil, only evil can gain.

We hope the breathtaking "dream team" in Washington has something more in mind than crying, "Look out!"

If they do, and it shows any promise of preventing a catastrophic nuclear conflagration in the Mideast -- while protecting Israel, the region's only democratic nation -- we should all support it. Now is the time to avoid war.


Sun, 08/20/2017 - 18:59

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