A gaping blindspot

Nearly a year after it began -- and after months and months and months of evidence right in front of his nose -- CNN commentator David Gergen seemed astounded Tuesday night at the strength of the Tea Party movement.


Well, of course you're going to be surprised at things you ignore!

CNN and other "mainstream" media literally laughed off the movement, trying to convince themselves it was a Fox News creation. Or that it was just racists and other fringe elements. Like at the health-care town hall meetings. Right.

Even after Tuesday's stunning victory by Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown in deep-blue Massachusetts, "mainstream" media seemed to want to change the subject as quickly as possible. They quickly took an "In other news" approach, and only seemed to cover Brown's acceptance speech reluctantly. Wednesday morning, a nonplussed Today Show host Meredith Vieira essentially asked Brown what it was like to chat with Ted Kennedy's widow on the phone, since, you know, you've promised to destroy Kennedy's dream for health care in America.

Nothing like an unbiased media!

But it's amazing what a splash of cold water can do to wake up some: After Brown's win, extreme liberal MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews suddenly sees problems with big government spending. NBC's David Gregory suddenly sees virtue in the Tea Party movement -- after last year comparing town hall meetings to Timothy McVeigh-style violence against government.

The media story of 2008 was about their love affair with Barack Obama. The media story of 2009 was about their open contempt for conservative Americans protesting the growth of government spending and power. In both their slander of conservatives, and their moon crater-sized blindspots for the truth about the Tea Party movement, most of the national media have shown themselves to be contemptuously and, likely, purposefully out of touch with Americans.

Don't suppose that it's not purposeful. Anderson Cooper and others in the media knew well and good that they were using an obscene sexual reference when they called Tea Party patriots "teabaggers." Many still do it.

And when a leading Democratic presidential wanna-be, John Edwards, privately had a love child with a former aide while publicly selling the image of a doting husband to a cancer-stricken wife, the liberal media were nowhere to be found. On purpose.

A tabloid story revealing Edwards' gross hypocrisy "gained zero traction in the traditional press and almost none in the blogosphere," says the new political bombshell Game Change. In fact, outlets such as Newsweek were still touting him as presidential material.

"The mainstream media, yet again, was determinedly ignoring the (Edwards story)," says Game Change . "If that trend continued, there was still a chance that John could win the nomination ..."

Now, after several years of retreating denials, Edwards finally admitted this week that the baby is his.

"SHOCKER: Edwards admits he lied about love child," read one news Web site.

Shocker? Only if you weren't paying attention.



Tue, 10/17/2017 - 23:24

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