Augusta needs Davis in Atlanta

One of the great duties we enjoy performing as an editorial board is meeting political candidates face to face. The best way to take the measure of someone running for office is to talk with the candidate personally and candidly.


We wish every single voter in state Senate District 22 could have that opportunity with Hardie Davis.

When we first met Davis in 2006, he was running for the state House seat for District 122. Even on the campaign trail, he had begun meeting with leaders in Atlanta to establish relationships with the General Assembly and the governor's office.

He won that election, deservedly so, and with sterling character represented the Augusta area with distinction.

Davis is an electrical engineer by profession, and electric by nature. He generates the right spark to energize lawmakers of all stripes to work together.

If you met Davis, you might think to yourself: "He would make a good pastor." As a matter of fact, he is. He helps shepherd the nondenominational Abundant Life Worship Center in Augusta. And he connects with people in a way that shows how deeply he understands people's problems. That's one of the best traits a legislator could have.

Davis wants to fight to restore resources slashed in state education, which dovetails with his plans to boost economic development. He wants to provide expanded health care to Georgians who need it the most, particularly the youngest and oldest.

And he wants to do it all while keeping your taxes down.

Sound like something you can get behind?

You should -- and you can, by voting for Hardie Davis in the special election Jan. 5 to fill the seat for state Senate District 22.

He helped elevate the area's legislative delegation to a new level. Help keep it there.


Fri, 08/18/2017 - 02:39

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