Homeland insecurity

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Sunday: The airport security system worked like a charm, even though a Nigerian terrorist nearly blew up a plane near Detroit on Christmas Day.


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Monday: The airport security system worked like a charm, after a Nigerian terrorist nearly blew up a plane near Detroit on Christmas. Oh, you mean before the incident? Yeah, I guess it failed at that point.

That's what she really meant, you see.

Gee, what a relief! Aren't you glad to know security systems work well after the danger has passed?

Of course, that's not the idea of security systems, is it? It's to prevent such disasters from occurring in the first place.

But, of course, anyone with an eighth-grade education knows Ms. Napolitano is lying through her teeth when she wants people to believe that what she meant on Sunday was the "system worked" after the incident on the plane.

Which is more troubling? That the system failed utterly -- which Napolitano was forced to admit when the bulk of the working press returned to work on Monday -- or that our Homeland Security chief may be enough of a buffoon to think we believe her explanation for her ridiculous claim that the system worked?

The truth, which you are sadly not going to get from the likes of Napolitano, is that officials knew well in advance about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's unmitigated terroristic ambitions. He was on a list of people with terrorist ties. And astoundingly, his own father had gone through the excruciating pain of going to the U.S. embassy to warn us about his son's radicalism.

Yet, not only did he board that plane in Amsterdam, but one passenger said he overheard a conversation beforehand regarding Abdulmutallab possibly boarding without a passport .

If true, they not only let this known terrorist-wannabe on the plane, but they bent over backward to do it. Do you think any of us would be allowed on an international flight without a passport?

On the contrary, it's the safe, innocent passengers who will now pay the price for the system's world-class lack of common sense by waiting in ever-longer lines at airports as officials look with a wary eye on grandma.

The system worked? The system worked? Only if "the system" relies completely on the serendipity of having courageous passengers nearby to snuff out a terrorist's blaze.

This is by far the dumbest thing we've ever heard come out of a public official's mouth. This woman is totally without a clue. And she is in charge of Homeland Security.

She is, herself, a disaster.

We have no doubt "the system" will now compound the catastrophic errors that led to this near calamity by slapping this would-be killer of nearly 300 souls with a ridiculously light sentence -- 20 years was the initial prediction. This, for a man who tried to kill nearly 300 in the air and countless others on the ground in order to terrorize all freedom-loving people.

We hope "the system" works better than that.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration needs to get its act together. Until now, the administration has insisted we're not engaged in a war on terror -- yet, that is the phrase used over the weekend by Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs. Which is it, folks? And can you win a war you're afraid to even acknowledge?

As for Napolitano, you can probably guess the truth: that she was giving us asinine platitudes on Sunday that had no correlation to reality in order to reassure the traveling public.

Ms. Napolitano, we don't want phony reassurances from you. We want competence. We want real security, not that feel-good, politically correct random hand-wanding of 13-year-old girls from Peoria while real, known terror suspects get on board without a lick of trouble.

Until then, the system will, indeed, never work.



Thu, 01/18/2018 - 23:00

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