Killing us with 'kindness'

Democrats may come off looking like Santa Claus. Republicans may come off like the Grinch.


But neither party has covered itself in glory in recent decades, and particularly in this stampede to create a new health-care entitlement at a time when we can't even pay for what we already have.

The truth is, the massive federal takeover of health care would simply be the latest -- and one of the biggest -- plundering of the national Treasury on our supposed behalf.

They are killing us with what passes for kindness in government, immorally using our descendants' money to do so, and putting our republic and its paper currency on life support in the process.

This is not about health care. At bottom, it's about our leaders' ability to raid our national Treasury -- and their inability to resist doing it.

Latching on to health care is no doubt a brilliant strategy by leftists who have utter disdain for this country's freedoms -- and who surely realize the power they are grasping by creating unprecedented new dependency on the government.

Such dependency is like crack cocaine, and the "dealers" in Washington are using our money to get us addicted.

Yet, as much power as Washington grabs, we will always have the upper hand -- as long as we have the Constitution. It provides us ways to amend it to stop the kind of out-of-control government we're seeing today. We direct your attention to Article V.

Absent a constitutional convention, it may be too late to stop this slide into socialism. But we have to continue trying -- through the legislative process as this health-care "reform" continues in Congress, through next year's elections and likely through the courts -- for, even if Republicans take over Congress next year, it won't be by a veto-proof majority. That means whatever President Obama gets now, he can probably hold onto with his veto pen in hand.

When details of the Democratic health care proposals finally emerge, it's probable that we'll find, tucked into the thousands of pages of fine print, that health care "reform" will be the most destructive force ever to American liberty.

The more power that flows to Washington, the less you have.

With the loss of liberty comes the loss of personal responsibility. When someone else is responsible for your life, you take less responsibility for it yourself.

What is so sad is that this great country could find ways to make health insurance more affordable and available without turning the entire system -- one-sixth of the economy -- on its head; without the government dictating health-care terms and conditions to us all; without bankrupting future generations; and without doing inestimable and perhaps irreparable injury to the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it was supposed to ensure.