What part of 'no' don 't they get?

Not even the facts will convince diehard liberals that Americans are knowingly rejecting the Democrats' horrific health-care bill.


A Quinnipiac University poll this week showed Americans oppose the Democrat bill 53 to 36 percent. A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll a day earlier put the opposition at 56 percent.

And that's before all the outrages in the bill become known. Example: The bill is said to single out the home-building industry for greater, crippling, obligations for health care than others. Why?

Yet, when reminded by conservative columnist George Will on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos that an amalgam of polls shows support for the Democrat bill hovers at a dismal 30 percent, liberal columnist Cokie Roberts seemed to indicate it's just a matter of a lack of communication.

"I think the Democrats lost control of the argument and of the message. And that's why the polls are as they are," she said.

What color Kool-Aid is she drinking? Democrats have control of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives -- and have lots of friends in most major news media -- and they've been unable to get their message out ?

That's just delusional. And an insult to Americans, who apparently are just so in the dark, according to Roberts -- after endless months of presidential speeches and TV appearances, town hall meetings and wall-to-wall congressional press conferences.

It's just not possible, in Cokie Roberts' world, that Americans could be truly informed if they're against the Democrats' takeover of health care. It just can't possibly be on the merits. Just pat us on the head, Cokie, and reassure us, "If only you knew that you're in such good hands!"

We know whose hands we're about to have our health care placed: The same hands that have rung up a $12 trillion deficit and promised us the moon with Social Security and Medicare -- and have proceeded to run those programs into the ground financially. The same hands that are selling their votes like hookers to get bigger shares of our national Treasury to give away as they like.

This is among the most disgraceful acts of any Congress in U.S. history.

Yet, if we're so supposedly ignorant about the magnificence of this bill, maybe the U.S. Senate is too. Otherwise, as George Will asked Sunday, "Why else ... did Sen. (Harry) Reid have to use the entire taxing and borrowing power of the federal government, plus a glorious absence of principle, to cobble together 60 votes ... ?"

Facts are facts. The fact is, Americans aren't children who must blindly trust the government or the media. And they have shown for months that they don't want this bill. Polls show the more they learn about the Democrats' proposals, the less they like them.

Not coincidentally, President Obama's approval rating has taken a historic swoon: A new Rasmussen Reports poll gives Obama a 56 percent disapproval rating.

What part of "no" don't these people understand?