A needless Tiger hunt

One media outlet asked in an online poll this week, "Do you forgive Tiger Woods?"


Well, except for his wife, a close relative or a commercial sponsor, it's not our place to forgive or not forgive him.

Tiger Woods owes those people varying amounts of something. He owes the rest of us nothing.

Hence, it's none of our business.

Were he a big-time politician, that might be different. But as perhaps the world's most public private person -- maybe next to Oprah Winfrey -- he's not asking for anyone's vote, and he holds no sway over our tax dollars or governmental policies.

What other possible reason could there be for the feeding frenzy now going on regarding Woods' suddenly troubled personal life -- other than the public's thirst for prurient entertainment? Aren't we just a little like the socket-eyed baboons who gawk every millisecond they can while driving by an accident?

Should we revel in someone else's troubles? Or move along?

Other than the women seeking their 15 minutes of fame -- or a hefty fee for their salacious celebrity gossip -- what's the purpose of keeping this sad story going?

We had all built Tiger Woods up to be super-human -- the best golfer in the world, and a perfect all-American guy off the course. And guess what: He largely is. Now, though, he has revealed himself to be human -- very human. There's your headline. There's nothing more to see. Move along.

This is not to excuse his behavior.

But what excuses ours?



Fri, 08/18/2017 - 02:39

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