Grab a plunger and vote today

If you get hungry, you get up and get some food. If you're cold, you seek warmth. If your drains are clogged you get a plunger or a plumber.


Likewise, if your government is in great and immediate need, why wouldn't you take action to fix it?

That's the case with the Augusta Commission, which has become the clog in the community's drain. It's time to grab a plunger and fix it.

Commission District 1 voters can do just that today by voting in the runoff to settle the Nov. 3 election once and for all.

We strongly believe Matt Aitken, the district's top vote-getter Nov. 3, is head and shoulders the best choice in today's runoff. We believe he will unclog the drain and help get this community moving again. Many also believe his opponent represents business as usual -- meaning stagnation and division.

Whatever your own preference, if you live in District 1 we hope you vote today -- and surprise election officials, who expect a turnout of only 10 to 20 percent.

It's amazing that so many of us will allow such a watershed election to be decided by so few. Although an obscure runoff after a holiday weekend in only one of 10 Augusta Commission districts, this really is one of the most important elections here in years. It may decide whether Augusta moves forward together -- or lags behind, still divided. It may help decide between surviving and thriving.

The good thing about all of that is, the lower the turnout, the more that your vote will make a difference. We had a commission election decided four years ago by a mere 11 votes.

That means, if you want better government and a more vibrant city, you need to vote today -- and remind 10 of your friends to vote.

The bottom line is this: If you expect to eat, you have to gather some food. If you expect good government, you have to vote for it.

District 1 voters, you're our plumbers today. Grab a plunger and vote, would you?



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