Taken down by 'tolerance'

We don't need to take up for Lou Dobbs. He's a big boy and can do that for himself. Besides, this isn't really about him.


But the liberal media are doing another hatchet job - character assassination being the mandatory sentence for political correctness heresy.

The ultimate test is, of course, the Saturday Night Live take - which portrayed the former CNN show host as nothing short of a racist and a xenophobe because he opposes illegal immigration.

The humorists aren't alone. Radical Hispanic groups assailed Dobbs for daring to press for border security - and quickly declared victory after his resignation from CNN last week.

Let's be clear about this: The man opposes the breaking of American law and the unsafe, porous border with Mexico. And the liberal media have branded him a racist for it.

So, in the world of the liberal media, there is no difference between opposition to illegal immigration and racism. They are one and the same.

It's not just sad. It's a shot across the bow of anyone who disagrees with liberal orthodoxy and says so publicly.

Ultra-liberal humorist Bill Maher likes to think he represents courageous political incorrectness - but he's one of the chief purveyors of PC. People such as Lou Dobbs are the politically incorrect ones. And we see what happens to them in 2009 America. They get attacked by the forces of "tolerance." And it leaves us all a little less free.

"Dobbs' abrupt exit prompted a victory lap by advocacy groups that had sought his ouster for outspokenness," the Associated Press reported.

Outspokenness. Or at least the wrong kind.

How sad.


Tue, 08/15/2017 - 23:25

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