If anyone's ill, it's apologists

Cartoonist Nick Anderson tries to paint the Fort Hood shootings as a mental health issue. President Obama says in a nation of 300 million, some people just crack up. The liberal New York Times wants to portray the shootings as the military's fault -- putting too much emotional stress on military psychiatrists.


Advocates for truly mentally ill Americans ought to be up in arms over this defamation.

If anyone's ill, it's these people who are bending over backward farther than a gymnast on a balance beam to find a way, any way, to explain away the Fort Hood massacre as anything other than what it was: a premeditated, cold, calculated and carefully executed act of Islamic terrorism on American soil.

If anyone has a mental disease, it's those who want to blame America and blame the military -- and claim that a soldier in a volunteer army who hadn't even been deployed overseas (and never sought discharge) was suffering from what one skeptic wryly called "pre-traumatic stress disorder."

What kind of mass psychosis is causing this craziness?

Oh, yes. We have a name for it: political correctness. A syndrome in which the mind conjures up imaginary explanations in order to avoid harsh realities that don't fit with one's unicorns-and-rainbows-filled world view.

Indeed, many not only have ignored the obvious signs of an attack by a radical jihadist, but they also want to mobilize for the mass backlash against Muslims that never seems to materialize.

Unbelievably, MSNBC's Chris Matthews even defended Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's attempt to contact fellow terrorists in al-Qaida -- asking his on-air guest recently if that's even a crime.

Uh, yes, Chris. I believe it's called "treason"?

Nah, that can't be. We're the problem, according to liberals -- even when we're attacked.

Meanwhile, back on Earth:

Reports say Hasan had 10 to 20 contacts with a top al-Qaida recruiter; he gave a lecture on Islam in which he said if you don't believe, you're condemned to hell, your head is cut off and burning oil is poured down your throat; he told colleagues that non-Muslims -- "infidels" -- are bound for hell and should be killed; he said he was a Muslim first, an American second; the FBI knew Hasan had contact with a known radical imam a year before the Fort Hood attack; he said "We love death more than you love life"; and one colleague filed a complaint about his anti-American rants.

The military did nothing -- except continuing to support and promote Hasan.

According to National Public Radio, one colleague tried to get Hasan dismissed from Walter Reed Medical Center, but "a key official on a review committee reportedly asked how it might look to terminate a key resident who happened to be a Muslim."

No one should be singled out for suspicion or condemnation simply for being Muslim -- that's unAmerican. But neither should one be protected from scrutiny because he's a Muslim.

So what is the government response after he kills 13 fellow soldiers and wounds several dozen more? First, to deny, in the face of all the evidence, that it was terrorism or Muslim-related. Second, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano moved swiftly to prevent other attacks -- on innocent Muslims.

That's certainly a worthy goal, but attacks on Americans by jihadists has proven to be an infinitely more likely threat.

Again, our government fails utterly and completely to protect our own service men and women from an obviously raging jihadist, but is sure to be on high alert to prevent a backlash against Muslims that never comes -- and never should.

That's not just mentally ill.

That's insane.



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:56

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