The bottom line

"There is no (H1N1 flu) vaccine in Guantanamo and there's no vaccine on the way to Guantanamo," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said this week.


Is there a vaccine for talking out of both sides of your mouth? Gibbs technically told the truth, but not the whole truth: The Pentagon admits terror suspects at Gitmo will, indeed, receive the vaccinations after other Department of Defense employees.

And, quite likely, before many deserving and vulnerable American schoolchildren.

That's just wrong on every level.

Local doctors are struggling to get H1N1 vaccines by the end of the month -- too late for at least one local youth, 10-year-old Summer Rockefeller of Harlem, who died of the disease Oct. 10.

Note to White House: Tell the terror detainees to get in line behind our kids!



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