Now it's his responsibility

What would the left-leaning "mainstream" media say if this scenario were reversed? Barack Obama has hit the links more in nine months than George W. Bush did during his presidency.


That might seem like a petty, partisan observation except for three things:

- The revelation comes not from Obama's supposed mortal enemy, Fox News, but from one of the left-leaning lapdogs, CBS.

- President Obama, like his predecessor, is a wartime president -- and he's hardly acting like it. Fact is, morale is said to be slipping badly among U.S. forces in Afghanistan as Obama dithers on how and whether to win the war. His commanding general there and his secretary of State have both publicly prodded him to decide.

- Obama and his minions continue to laugh off the lingering economic crisis as somebody else's mess -- even pretending to mop it up last week.

Well, partisan audiences may lap up the mop jokes, but the truth is that it's time for this president to admit first to himself and then to others that he has been president for the length of a school year.

This is no longer somebody else's responsibility. It's his.

"At some point it's your rubble," writes Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan. "At some point the American people tell you it's yours. The polls now, with the presidential approval numbers going down and the disapproval numbers going up: That's the American people telling him."

Even before last year's election, the New York Times wondered whether Obama was too aloof.

"However forceful and passionate Mr. Obama can be," wrote Patrick Healy in September 2008, "his speeches and public appearances this week have underscored how he is sometimes out of sync with the visceral anger of Americans who are losing their jobs and homes. He often talks about growing up on food stamps and about having paid off his student loans only recently, yet his tone and volume, body language, facial expressions and words convey a certain distance from the ache that many voters feel."

Worse than aloof in wartime, the president and his men are sounding like artful dodgers.

"President Obama, in office a month longer than Bush was when 9-11 hit, now owns his presidency," writes Noonan.

Nearly nine months in, President Bush stood on the rubble of a disaster he didn't cause and took ownership of fixing it, Noonan says, adding that Obama needs to do the same.

The falling public opinion polls are proof, she says, that the public is holding Obama responsible even if he is not.

Meanwhile, CBS News reports that Obama has certainly taken ownership of fund-raising for Democratic candidates: He has attended nearly four times as many political fund-raisers (23) as Bush did in his first year (six).

At some point, it's time to leave the campaign trail and golf courses behind and take responsibility for what's happening.