With friends like these...

Barack Obama again lamented the United States' alleged past penchant for "going it alone" in his first speech to the United Nations Wednesday.


But he may soon see the need for going it alone.

The reason was right in front of him on Wednesday.

In short, the world is a mess of despots and dictators, as well as democracies without spines -- and the U.N. bureaucracy both institutionalizes that mess and exacerbates it.

Then the world body somehow forces the United States to dirty our soil with the soles of murderers and terrorists like Moammar Gadhafi of Libya and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Following Obama's speech, Gadhafi -- who recently celebrated the release of his Lockerbie-bombing, mass-murdering countryman -- read a rambling, drunken-style laundry list of attacks on just about every Western institution.

The U.N., mind you, is the same institution that recently said Israel may have been guilty of "possible war crimes and crimes against humanity" for defending itself against constant rockets fired from Gaza. Never mind that Hamas terrorists committed two war crimes in one -- by firing rockets at civilians in Israel from behind civilians in residential areas of Gaza.

Yet, President Obama is hoping the U.N. is charmed enough by him to do the United States' bidding -- that his good cop will just sound so good next to Bush's bad cop that the U.N. will suddenly transform itself into a reasonable, functional, freedom-loving bunch.

Over half a century of experience screams otherwise.



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