Don't let your voices die

Washington, D.C., is like a bad vampire movie. Nothing ever really dies there.


And so it is, with the proposal for a government health care plan, which many believe would drive a stake through the heart of private insurance and lead to the nationalization of all health care.

This, from the government that ran the Cash for Clunkers program into the ground, and soon will do the same for Medicare and Social Security.

It appeared for a time last weekend that angry and fearful Americans managed to kill the idea: President Obama and his administration said the public option wasn't essential to health care reform. But the far-left quickly pulled on the leash, the administration heeled, and the public option was indeed back on the table.

Meanwhile, Democratic congressmen, tired of hearing from their constituents, started having fewer and fewer town hall meetings. Or, like Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., they arrogantly insulted voters asking tough questions.

We need no more evidence than that to realize that the republic is being choked into submission by an imperious ruling class.

The lesson is that those who oppose a government takeover of any more of the health care system -- which is one-sixth of the American economy -- cannot rest. You simply must continue to have your voices heard. It's absolutely essential, in order to keep government from running amok in our personal lives.

Since congressional town halls are disappearing, some concerned Augusta residents have decided we ought to stage our own.

The grassroots group is planning a rally Thursday, Sept. 3, at the Riverwalk's Jessye Norman Amphitheater from 5 to 9 p.m.

Those at the Stop ObamaCare (SOC) rally will hear from health care professionals who know how devastating government health care will be; patients who have lived under socialized health care; political leaders who do oppose Obamacare, and others. Attendees are encouraged to bring socks -- it's a SOC rally, after all -- to mail to Washington.

If you're concerned about your health care freedom and the health of the nation, come to the rally.

There's never been a more important juncture in our lifetimes to stand up and be heard by an increasingly out-of-control and autocratic government.