A clue for the ruling class

It's clear Bob Inglis has no clue how his constituents feel.


The Republican congressman from South Carolina saw people walk out and the remaining crowd boo and heckle him at a town hall recently when he - innocently enough, he must have thought - suggested they stop watching conservative television commentator Glenn Beck.

Inglis has no clue.

He doesn't seem to realize whom his constituents trust anymore, what their concerns are and how angry they are.

Here's a clue, congressman: They trust conservative commentators more than they trust you or the rest of Congress.

They believe your government is out of control, and that it long ago abandoned any notion of following the Constitution.

They are, as one audience member told you, talking more and more in terms of revolution. They're angry at what's going on. And they're even angrier when Democrats slander them by cynically suggesting they're nothing more than stooges for conservative causes.

Therein lies another problem.

Back in the day - oh, as recently as, um, last year - "community organizing" was a valiant endeavor. One that might make you vote for someone for president, for instance.

And if that candidate were coming to your town, there was nothing said, no second thoughts, about left-wing organizations such as labor unions organizing to support him. Another left-wing organization, ACORN, even paid people to register voters to vote for him - and, oh by the way, is now suspected of voter fraud in certain areas of the country.

But that was OK. That was community organizing.

Yet, when moderates and conservatives show up to town hall meetings and angrily challenge our elected representatives, that's somehow sinister - even sabotaging the democratic process, according to leading Democrats. Wow. The hypocrisy is just dripping like the sweat on our Congress member's fevered brow.

There are two things at work here.

First, the White House and Congress have been taken over by the most radical group to ever have power in this country - a group of Chicago expatriates who, when criticized by an Arizona senator, sent coordinated letters to Arizona state officials threatening to withhold federal funds.

Barack Obama talked like a centrist last year and fooled most of the people. He and his cronies are trying to refashion America in a socialist image overnight, with massive, unprecedented growth in government spending and power.

Yes, Rep. Inglis, people are frightened of this. And with good reason.

The second thing at work here is that the country is no longer truly a republic: We are now governed by a ruling class that views the great unwashed as "sheeple" to be led around by the nose. With entrenched, comfortable and increasingly out-of-touch incumbent politicians now running things, the people have been turned into serfs.

It remains to be seen how long Americans will tolerate it. The 2010 elections will be a huge test of that.

In the meantime, we need to be mobilizing to take our country back - meaning voting the incumbents out and putting constitutionalists in their place. We will also need constitutional amendments to clamp down on government spending - and term limits to eliminate the ruling class.



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