The bottom line

"Community organizing" was one of the items on Barack Obama's resume that seemed to endear him to voters last year.


Harrisburg residents aren't padding their resumes, but are trying to organize in order to make a safer, cleaner, more family-friendly neighborhood.

They held a protest march July 4th, and at the time, we said we hoped their effort would turn into a movement. It appears to be -- with a petition now going around the area of downtown Augusta on which citizens promise to be vigilant and report all manners of crime, no matter how supposedly minor.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office can't afford to be overwhelmed with every little thing, but it's an unalloyed good thing that citizens are promising to report crimes. That's what's been needed all along.

The famous "broken windows" theory of policing holds that if a community tolerates buildings with broken windows, it will tolerate minor crimes and if it tolerates minor crimes -- well, you get the idea.

We applaud the area's activism. It's us, not "authorities," who must determine the character of our neighborhoods.