Finally, something to apologize for!

Hondurans are working hard to throw off a blossoming dictator -- and the U.S. government, amazingly, is against them and allied with the would-be dictator.


Both the Honduran Supreme Court and its Congress warned President Jose Manuel Zelaya not to go through with a referendum he planned for last Sunday that would have encouraged him to rewrite the constitution to allow him another term in office.

The Obama media are calling it a coup. But in truth, the Hondurans were trying to preserve democracy by arresting the runaway train they had in President Zelaya, before he arranged for passage to Costa Rica.

Zelaya's forces had broken into the ballot warehouse -- to get ballots supplied by the region's Doctor of Democracy himself, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Zelaya fired the military general ordered by the Supreme Court to stop him.

What choice did the Hondurans have in order to preserve their constitutional democracy?

And why in heaven would the Obama administration side with the dictator-to-be Zelaya, who was defying the constitution and every legitimate branch of government in order to consolidate his power, Chavez-style?

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sure appear to have it precisely backward -- unless their aim is merely to shore up support among the Latin American dictators Obama seems to so want to curry favor with.

If so, they'll be stepping over freedom fighters in Honduras.

Finally, President Obama may have something to really apologize for.



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