How fun was that?

Some of the older, knowing fans in the audience were hoping for a British bobby to show up and threaten to pull the plug on this concert, just to complete the picture. Maybe next time. And we sure hope there is one.

Augusta Beatles tribute band "Number 9" rocked the Augusta Common last Friday with a free noontime rooftop concert (thank you, ESI!), a la the Beatles with their Let It Be surprise rooftop gig on Apple records' roof 40 years ago.

What a treat it was, too. Local musician and entrepreneur Ed Turner has assembled a band that does an astounding job of recreating whole Beatles albums. Their set Friday spanned several albums (including a song from Wings), but should whet everyone's appetite for their next album foray -- Abbey Road -- August 14 and 15 at the Imperial Theatre.

While the band pays tribute to the Beatles, it also pays bills for the CSRA Humane Society by sharing concert revenues with the no-kill shelter at Lake Olmstead.

On behalf of your fans: Yes, you passed the audition. And then some.