The wisest investment of all

There's giving, and then there's investing.


And the Augusta National Golf Club knows a good investment when it sees it -- the CSRA itself.

The Augusta National isn't all about golf and a particular tournament held every April. It acknowledges its special, prominent role in the Augusta community.

So when the announcement came this week that the Augusta National "will give more than $3.4 million to charity" this year, that's accurate.

But it's more of an investment than a gift when you look at where the money is going.

The largest chunk of the money is going to the Community Foundation of the CSRA -- and it might take less space to list the number of area concerns that it doesn't help fund. It has included such major players as the United Way and the Medical College of Georgia Foundation, on down to community theater groups and small but specialized local ministries.

When these gifts -- investments -- are announced each year, the news comes with a list of all the groups who will receive money. But deserving people are the ultimate recipients. Families in crisis. People who have spiritually lost their way. The hungry. Good people who have had some of the worst circumstances thrown at them.

Perhaps Walt Whitman said it best: "Charity and personal force are the only investments worth anything."

Charity could be the wisest investment of all.