Disgraced Pelosi should pack it in

Nancy Pelosi has accused her government of lying to her.


But many are coming to believe that she's the liar.

In a partisan fever to jump on the now-trendy anti-U.S. bandwagon, she has turned her back on the people who have kept us safe since Sept. 11, 2001.

We believe she's lying when she says the CIA did not brief her on the use of waterboarding as early as 2002. And not just lying. Bill Clinton lied about about sex. Under oath, no less. But we believe Nancy Pelosi is lying about national security, and is harming the United States' image and perhaps giving succor to our sworn enemies.

To his great credit, Leon Panetta, CIA director and lifelong member of Pelosi's own party, discredits her by flatly saying what she has said is not true.

Panetta has put country before party.

Pelosi is putting self above all else.

Either she is lying or she's delusional. Either way, she's unfit to be speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, third in line to the presidency.

Absent some evidence that the CIA lied to her as she alleges it did, Ms. Pelosi should resign her position as speaker and apologize to the people she has defamed.

Pelosi has lost support and respect among her colleagues, and her public approval rating, already below 40 percent, is in a free-fall. She has lost all credibility, she has frittered away any effectiveness she had, and she has become a caricature of herself. It's hard to see how she could be an effectual leader at this point.

Every day she fidgets her way through this minefield of her own making is another day she has singlehandedly derailed Washington at a most perilous point in the nation's recovery from the worst economy in several generations.

And let us not forget that we are, still, engaged in a war on two fronts. How can we possibly endure a Speaker of the House who turns on her own government and lies in an attempt to indict it?

If Ms. Pelosi cared for the country the way she appears to care for her own preservation and power, she would quickly step aside and humbly apologize for denigrating the people who protect her and every other American.

Her presence has become corrosive to the body politic. Increasing calls for investigations into what she knew and when she knew it risk further outbreaks of cannibalism in the nation's capital at a time when we must come together and defeat a common enemy and lift ourselves up from the recent economic collapse.

President Obama cannot have it both ways on this matter, as is his wont. Either he must back his CIA director or the House speaker -- but not both, for only one can be telling the truth.

Unless America truly has descended into the depths of self-loathing and total unaccountability, the speaker must go.