Mooning the military

Much was made of the passing mention of secession recently by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.


But left-wing activists in California are essentially pushing a secessionist agenda -- and astonishingly, they're getting a significant number of voters to agree.

Cities such as Arcata and Eureka, Calif., have asked voters whether U.S. military recruiters should be banned from trying to sell a military life to anyone there younger than 18. In both cities, voters agreed to the ban.

What's that got to do with secession? Everything but the word.

They don't believe in the constitutional duty of the federal government to provide for a common defense; they want someone else to provide for their own safety and security, and they don't expect to be asked to participate in it. They, in fact, want to make it criminal to ask their children to consider participating in the country's defense.

Moreover, they want to usurp the role of the federal government with city ordinances.

You trash the Constitution like that, you essentially opt out of the Constitution.

These people's view of the military is contemptuous and reprehensible. They see military recruiters like they see child predators. They talk about the Marine recruiter in the same breath that they mention Joe Camel.

They claim they want to give parents the power to "protect" their children from unwanted solicitations from military recruiters -- yet, you can bet many of them have no problem suggesting that underage children see an abortionist or get birth control from the school without a parent's consent.

This isn't about protecting children; it's about turning entire cities' backs to the very fighting force that protects their backsides.

And in the process, they dishonor the men and women who volunteer to protect us.

That's another thing: This isn't a draft; we have built the world's best fighting force out of volunteers. And recruiters aren't stalking anybody. They make themselves available for young men and women who have the least bit of curiosity about all the military has to offer them, from educations to job training to discipline to achievement -- to the greatest opportunity any employer can offer someone: the opportunity to serve.

Even Barack Obama, the darling of the far left, espouses an infinitely greater appreciation for the military than our friends in northern California. When asked at a press conference Wednesday night what "enchanted" him about being president, here's what he said:

"When I meet our servicemen and women -- enchanted is probably not the word I would use. But I am so profoundly impressed and grateful to them for what they do. They're really good at their job. They are willing to make extraordinary sacrifices on our behalf. They do so without complaint. They are fiercely loyal to this country.

"And, you know, the more I interact with our servicemen and -women, from the top brass down to the lowliest private, I'm just -- I'm grateful to them."

The folks in some California towns don't want their children exposed to that.

We find it utterly disgusting that some Americans want to treat military recruiters like sexual predators.

Shame on them. They're not just mooning the military; they're turning their backs on America and our sacred pledge to serve and protect each other.



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