Let us pray

Many states and communities around the country have established "drug-free" zones around schools.


"Prayer-free zones" are well on their way too.

The courts long ago banned school-sponsored prayer. Then they banned student-led prayer over the loudspeakers.

Now the courts have essentially ruled that public school officials - specifically coaches - cannot even appear to be praying with students now.

The federal 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals made that ruling earlier in the case of a New Jersey coach, and the U.S. Supreme Court decided last week not to hear the case - which makes that the law, at least in the 3rd Circuit (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Virgin Islands).

East Brunswick High School Coach Marcus Borden used to kneel and bow as his football players led each other in a pre-game prayer. After parents complained, the district banned the practice in 2005. The courts have now upheld that ban.

After the ban, the coach merely stood at attention. Let's hope he wasn't watching! Another potential violation of the Constitution!

Good grief.

There is no one in this country with any familiarity with American history - not a lawyer, not a judge, not a litigant - who can argue that the Founding Fathers ever intended for us to wipe out public prayer. Quite the contrary, they engaged in it on a regular basis.

Astoundingly, those same Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution would find themselves in "violation" of it today.

They certainly wouldn't survive long as public school coaches!

Recent trends seem to say that the First Amendment to the Constitution protects our "freedom from religion." It says no such thing. In actuality, the amendment says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ..."

Ah, so now we've gotten to the nub of it. By bowing his head and taking a knee, Coach Borden established a national religion for us all. The scoundrel! Tar and feather the man! And off with his head, if needs must!

How ridiculous.

Moreover, it could sensibly be argued that this ruling interferes with the coach's "free exercise" rights.

Expect more of this in the years to come, as the country's left wing - now able to stack the courts with judges hostile to religion - seeks to expand the schools' prayer-free zones nationwide.



Wed, 12/13/2017 - 22:29

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