Where's the outrage?

With 24-hour cable news, the Internet, grass-roots advocacy groups, talk radio and more, we've never gotten more information about what our leaders are up to.


But what good is it doing us if we don't act on that information?

And what are our elected leaders supposed to think if we don't act -- that they can do anything they please?

Consider: This Congress received the lowest approval ratings in history -- in the single digits -- yet voters gave it a vote of confidence in November.

Now Washington is talking about spending nearly another trillion of our children's and grandchildren's future money to make us feel better about things today. Just this year. The plan seems to be trillion-dollar thefts from future generations for several years to come.

It's outrageous, but brings no outrage.

A superior idea to the current stimulus proposal is to just have a federal tax moratorium for up to half a year -- meaning you keep what you earn. Imagine the potential for turning the economy around if everyone got an overnight (albeit temporary) 30-percent raise.

But guess what: It won't happen.

Why? Because Americans won't demand it. And because politicians would rather decide how the stimulus money is spent rather than let you decide for yourself.

As long as we let them lead us around by the nose, they'll keep doing it.

About the only thing that has moved Americans to action in recent years has been Washington's arrogant notion that it knew what was best with regard to illegal immigration. Twice in recent years, our leaders moved to grant amnesty to illegals under what they euphemistically referred to as "comprehensive immigration reform."

Americans shouted that plan down and demanded border security.

But even then Washington dragged its feet -- approving a border fence, then not funding it, and only now slowly and grudgingly building it.

But will it be finished? The president-elect never did buy into border security, and will be under immense pressure to turn the ship about on illegal immigration -- despite the fact that a majority of Americans want it stopped.

Moreover, how about that conspiracy of silence between the presidential candidates and the major news media during the general election campaign? Did you notice the word "immigration" slip out of either candidate's mouth, or out of an interviewer's for that matter?

Border watchers say the fence is working in places it's been built -- and the 705,000 illegals apprehended on the border in 2008 is the fewest since 1976.

But your leaders in Washington may not care -- either about those facts or that Americans support border enforcement. We'll see.

What will we do if they arrogantly change course because they don't agree with us and think they know better?

They know we're watching.

They may not care.


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