Snap out of it and vote

It's strange, but those of us who still tout traditional American values -- small government, individual freedom, Judeo-Christian principles and more -- are habitually called "radical" these days.


How sad that those who subscribe to the very beliefs that built this country are now made to feel like some kind of extremists.

Were James Madison and the other Founding Fathers alive today, they'd be despised and dismissed by the national media, and called "wing nuts" by the political left.

Well, we don't happen to think traditional American values are either extreme or out of date. But we fear that they will be seriously and perhaps forever marginalized if so-called "values voters" don't get excited and get in the game.

It seems as if conservatives, and perhaps many moderates, have been in a funk in recent years -- let down by Republicans and Democrats in Washington who've broken the bank and taxpayers' backs, and told time after time by the national media that the liberal wave is hitting shore Nov. 4.

Snap out of it. There's an election on, and a country to save.

That's not overly dramatic. Indeed, letter writers to the Chronicle have become increasingly concerned about whether we're headed for socialism.

Certainly, in recent weeks folks have figured out that Barack Obama aims to "spread the wealth around." By that, he means he'll tax the country's most productive and successful taxpayers more and use government to redistribute that wealth to others -- many of whom don't even owe federal income taxes in the first place.

Moreover, Sen. Obama has said his first act will be to expand abortion rights. And when it comes time to nominate Supreme Court justices and other judges, expect the kind that make law rather than interpret it. And, oh by the way, they'll be pro-abortion too.

And if you thought spending was out of line now, just wait. The wing of the Democratic Party now poised to seize unprecedented power in Congress and the White House believes in using the tax code to shape and mold society the way it wants.

The good news is, despite what the national media say, the election isn't over.

In Georgia, in fact, you can vote every workday this week, and again on Election Day. Early voters also have been going to the polls since September.

We'll be expounding in the coming days on our reasons for them, but for the convenience of early voters this week our major endorsements are in the box accompanying this editorial. Our choices reflect our belief that the candidates we recommend will stand up for taxpayers, for individual freedom and for traditional American values.

No one has been more disappointed in our leaders than we have. They've spent us to oblivion and mindlessly allowed the financial system to lurch onto the rocks.

But it doesn't help to either vote for ill-considered change or to sit out the election.

Now is the time to stand up for traditional values and for freedom from overbearing government.

If that's radical, it's the early-American sort!



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:26

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