Check politics at classroom door

The Internet video is frankly a little spooky: a group of middle schoolers in quasi-military garb chanting for their political leader.


It's like something out of a South American dictatorship, or like students in North Korea singing songs to the "dear leader." But this is a video out of a Kansas City, Mo., school of students for Obama.

This kind of messianic treatment of Barack Obama -- first by the news media, now by middle schoolers -- is more than a little disconcerting. It's gotten downright irrational.

The teacher who posted the video on the Internet has been suspended, as the embarrassed district had to admit Monday that the teacher had had the students study Barack Obama's economic plan -- but no one else's.

That's not teaching. That's indoctrination. The teacher must be fired.

The teacher should have also gone over John McCain's economic plan, says the superintendent. Perhaps. But even better would be a total immersion in the Constitution. Perhaps then the students could determine which candidate's philosophy better fits the nature of this republic as contemplated by the Founding Fathers.

Of course, this episode is just a snippet of a much larger problem of teachers bringing politics -- specifically their own politics -- into classrooms. They have no right to do so, and in fact every obligation not to.

The only difference in this case is that the teacher was stupid enough to take his indiscretion public.



Tue, 10/17/2017 - 23:24

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