Obama advocate ought to step aside

In just weeks, Sarah Palin has taken a lot more hostile fire than Joe Biden ever has, even in his wild imagination. No candidate in history has endured more fine-tooth combs than Gov. Palin.


Now she enters tonight's vice-presidential debate knowing the "moderator" is anything but moderate. In fact, PBS' Gwen Ifill is a Barack Obama devotee who is writing a book applauding his political ascension.

Her book, The Breakthrough: Politics in the Age of Obama, is slated for release on Inauguration Day. The release's timing seems to assume Obama will win even before the election is held.

Given all this, Ifill should graciously step aside. If not, and if she isn't asked to step aside, then at the very least Ifill ought to admit to the audience that she's authoring a pro-Obama book.

The Ifill flap does have one salutary effect -- it blows the cover that she's a fair, evenhanded journalist.

Ifill and her like-minded "mainstream media" colleagues are so eager for an Obama victory that they can't contain themselves. Ifill's bias is fundamentally the same as that of the network anchors who sought to embarrass Palin with their "gotcha" interviews.

Can you imagine Democrats ever agreeing to a debate moderated by, say, conservative Sean Hannity? Of course not. But at least he acknowledges his bias. Maybe he and liberal Alan Colmes should moderate; the questions would probably be better.

And we'd at least know where they're coming from.



Fri, 12/15/2017 - 23:42

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