The 'Sarah scandal' du jour

Here's the latest Sarah Palin "scandal" emanating from CNN:


"For more than two decades, current Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was a practicing Pentecostal."

What in the world are the media thinking? "Now we've got her! This will end America's love affair with her!"

Good grief.

The past few weeks, they've gone after her family. They've questioned whether she should be working outside the home. They've attacked her experience as a city councilwoman, mayor and governor -- as if Barack Obama had so much more executive experience (he has none).

Then they attacked her assertions that she'd put the Alaska governor's plane on Ebay, revealing the awful truth that it didn't actually sell on Ebay! Gasp! Scandal! Lies! (Never mind the fact that she never said she sold it on Ebay, just that she advertised it there; and she did.)

Now it's supposedly a big scandal to CNN that she might have been a "practicing Pentecostal."

For pete's sake, so what?

The media are doing everything they can to discredit Sarah Palin. But guess what: It's backfiring. The truth is, despite several weeks of a constant media barrage against her, she has made the Republican ticket all the more popular: Most every poll now shows McCain/Palin surging to the lead, after John McCain had trailed Obama since the start of the general election campaign.

It's clearly gnawing at the major media.

Meanwhile, their obsession with going after Mrs. Palin is even more stark and reprehensible when you consider what they're not reporting on: Barack Obama.

Magazine US Weekly shows the Obamas in a loving embrace with a cover story about "Why Barack loves her" -- now there's some in-depth reporting -- and on another cover shows Mrs. Palin with her youngest and the headline "Babies, Lies and Scandals." Well, at least they're being fair. Not!

While they're asking questions about Sarah Palin's religious comings and goings, why don't they probe Obama's? His campaign claims he's never been a Muslim -- then qualifies that to say never been a "practicing" Muslim -- but evidence including school records, eyewitness testimony and Obama's own writings shows that's not true. That might not be important, except for the possibility that Obama is covering it up.

More important are his past associations with terrorists, with racists and socialists and communists -- amazingly, all of which he has admitted to one extent or another. Reports also indicate his admission to law school was supported by friends of the Saudi royal family. If true, why? Wouldn't that be of passing interest to the major media -- at least as much as the details of an airplane sale or a 17-year-old's pregnancy or which church someone attends?

When are the media going to tell us precisely what "community organizing" is, and what Obama did while an "organizer"? We're not saying there's scandal there, just interest. You're delusional if you think the media wouldn't be turning over every stone to find out what "community organizing" is if it was on Sarah Palin's resume.

Why all the obsessive-compulsive interest in her, and absolutely none in Barack Obama?


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15

A man of belief