Diversity or indoctrination?

Authorities in one Scottish region sent out a post card to local residents that Muslims in the area found offensive.


What, do you suppose, could that image have been? A cartoon of Muhammad? A Quran being mishandled?

Nope. A puppy.

Tayside, Scotland, officials were sending out post cards to advise residents of a new non-emergency number for the police department. They thought a cute, attention-getting device would be a picture of Rebel, a 6-week-old German shepherd police dog-to-be.

Wrong. Muslims in the area were outraged that the post card featured a photo of a dog, which they regard as "ritually unclean."

Meanwhile, authorities in Atlanta say a Muslim man there killed his daughter over the weekend because her plans for ending her arranged marriage might have brought dishonor to the family.

Like murder wouldn't?

Interesting: We're supposed to put up with "honor killings" of innocent women, but we can't send out pictures of a puppy for fear of offending someone?

Westerners are expected to respect the culture when traveling to Muslim countries - such as having women wear head coverings. When is Western culture going to be respected in turn?

We happen to love dogs. Dogs give love unconditionally - something that God seems to command us to do. Dogs just happen to do it better than we humans do.

That dog in Scotland is a more humane being than a man who kills his own daughter.

Western culture doesn't believe murdering a female gives honor to anybody. Respect that.

These are not trivial considerations. It's about the freedom to be who you are. If anything defines Western civilization, it's that.

With huge migrations today and increasing globalization, countries will have more and more difficulty maintaining their unique cultures. Muhammed is already one of the most popular names for baby boys in England today.

And consider: Two schoolboys in England were reportedly given detention recently when they refused to get on their knees and worship Allah as part of a class demonstration on Islam.

"But if Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion, there would be war," one of the boy's relatives said.

Diversity is one thing. Indoctrination is quite another.

This country is the greatest on Earth, in large part because we absorb and celebrate many cultures at once under the red-white-and-blue tent. But that's possible only if we don't try to impose other cultures on each other. And if our culture is respected.

If we want to put dogs on postcards, we'll do it.



Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:47

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