Congress may be the worst ever

Getting mad at the president is easy. It's one guy, one face, one name.


Congress is a much more nebulous foil. It's a group of 535 women and men who, while perhaps beloved and impressive on the stump at home, together can be quite an ineffective and reprehensible lot.

Rarely has that been truer than today.

The United States Congress has become a complete waste of time, a waste of money, a waste of space.

In fact, they're worse than ineffective; their lack of stewardship is costing us dearly in money and lost opportunities.

The folks on Capitol Hill have plenty of time to convene their kangaroo courts to investigate what everybody else is doing -- from baseball players to oil executives. In fact, there are law firms that specialize in representing companies summoned to testify before Congress -- one firm's Web site boasting that "our congressional investigations team is perfectly situated to work with clients facing congressional investigations."

There you have it. Fending off the imperial whims of Congress is now a cottage industry.

All the while, Congress drags its feet in helping secure the border, fails to pass a law to spy on terrorists, and fails to get budget bills done in a timely manner. Heaven forbid they actually go one step further and take a scalpel to the federal budget and trim back spending as most private-sector folks have had to do.

And all their inaction is cast against a backdrop of deficits, a $9 trillion national debt -- and tens of trillions in unfunded future costs in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid which your congressmen and senators are doing absolutely nothing about.

So, in truth, not only is Congress failing you, it's failing your children and grandchildren.

When the economy gets worse, what do they do? Cut the size and reach of government, and leave more money in the private sector? Nope. They send you a tax "rebate" that, considering the fact that the budget is already in the red, represents even more money stolen from our children.

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee joked that the rebates are money borrowed from China to go out and buy products made in China. It's not far from the truth.

Asked this week what he thinks of Congress, President Bush thought for a moment. "I believe that they're letting the American people down, is what I believe."

He's right.

We've been sorely disappointed in this president. He's been one of the biggest-spending presidents in history, if not the biggest. His handling of Iraq has been slipshod at best. His commitment to conservative principles has been cafeteria-like, where he seems to pick and choose as his taste buds warrant. It boggles the mind why the man in the president's chair on 9-11 can't see his way clear to securing the nation's border with any sense of urgency.

And yet, this Congress makes Mr. Bush look like George Washington. A recent poll gives Congress an approval rating of 16 percent -- meaning more than 80 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing, or not doing as the case may be.

As the poll indicates, this may be the worst Congress the country has ever seen.


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