She only wants to spy on our side

Let's see if we've got this straight.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to get more inside information on how the Bush administration chose to fire various U.S. attorneys. And her friends on the left want the Marines kicked out of Berkeley.

But she has no interest in spying on terrorists determined to attack the United States?

That's just inane. But it's a hallmark of the Democratic approach, which is to blame America first for everything.

This past week, Pelosi was hell-bent to get inside information from the executive branch, or to punish it for not cooperating on the contrived U.S. attorney "scandal." But she was willing to let lapse the Protect America Act that allows the United States to intercept terrorist communications.

Pelosi's ruse was to claim that she and other House Democrats need more time to protect civil liberties in the law. Well, they've had a year. How much time do they want? And how much danger are they willing to expose Americans to in the process?

Pelosi also disingenuously slanders the president for allegedly believing "he has the inherent authority from the Constitution to do whatever he wishes, not necessarily under the law."

What? Then why is he asking the House to follow the Senate in approving this law, which would set parameters on terrorist spying? She just makes no sense at all.

Is this the kind of homeland security we'd get under an all-Democratic Washington?



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