Now, get her a driver's license!

Annette M. Drowlette/Staff
Griselda Lopez Negrete 19, a University of South Carolina Aiken sophomore, grew up here after being brought by her mother. Thankfully, she can now stay.

Griselda Lopez Negrete was in the United States illegally for years.


But the Aiken teen never once broke any laws that anyone is aware of.

Not even immigration laws, as far as we're concerned.

No editorial page in the country is more adamant about securing our border and enforcing immigration laws -- most importantly the laws against hiring illegal aliens.

No "comprehensive" immigration reform is necessary -- except maybe laws against giving illegals driver's licenses. If the illegal jobs dry up, many illegals will self-deport.

That is, if they can obtain the documentation needed to re-enter Mexico! Some countries do enforce their borders, you see.

But Griselda? She's a different matter entirely.

Brought to the United States illegally by her mother when she was but 2 years old, Griselda lost her mom at a tender age and was adopted by her aunt and uncle. She never realized she was illegal until she was 15, when she was translating at an immigration meeting for an aunt who was seeking legal residency. Griselda, now 19, has been fighting to remain ever since.

We don't harbor ill will toward the system that subsequently felt compelled to seek her deportation. But neither do we believe justice would be served by it.

So we were delighted to hear that she has been allowed to stay, and pursue a business management degree at the University of South Carolina Aiken, where she is a sophomore.

Griselda was forced to return to Mexico for a time -- her land of birth, certainly, but not in any way her home. It was as foreign to her as it would be to most of us. Since then, she worked hard to get the right to return, and got it last month. She is now a citizen.

Welcome back, Griselda. We never wanted you to go.

Now, get that girl a driver's license!


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