Drama queens in D.C.

What intrigue! It's more suspenseful than a bottom-of-the-ninth, bases-loaded, two-out World Series climax!


Who's lying? Who's telling the truth? Did baseball great Roger "The Rocket" Clemens take steroids or human growth hormone? Did they help him win seven Cy Young Awards for being the best pitcher in Major League Baseball? Did they help him keep pitching at the age of 83, or however old he is?

If you believe Roger Clemens when he testified under oath to Congress Wednesday that he did not take such drugs, then you have to disbelieve two accusers -- and disregard the admission from his own wife that she took human growth hormone, while believing that her athlete husband somehow skipped that little exercise.

Then again -- and we hate to interrupt such a gripping moment -- why is this a congressional matter in the first place?

And why is Senate Judiciary Committee member Arlen Specter, R-Pa., making a federal case out of alleged spying on other teams by the New England Patriots? How can he or anyone else justify using a moment's time of the taxpayer-funded Senate on what is such a trivial matter in the scheme of things?

Is it possible this wild-goose-chase mentality on Capitol Hill is one of the reasons that only 20 percent of Americans think Congress is doing a good job? Think of that: 80 percent don't think members of Congress are executing their jobs adequately!

You know what? They love to get us in front of their little kangaroo court at the Capitol and swear us in and interrogate us about whatever's going on in our industries.

Maybe we need to turn the tables on those drama queens in Congress -- what the heck are they injecting themselves with, we wonder -- and put them under oath and grill them for awhile about what they've been doing.

Folks, your members of Congress are pulling down $170,000 a year. And they can't secure the border. And they can't balance a budget. And they can't protect American workers from unfair trade practices. And they can't approve a law to spy on terrorists. And they can't agree on what to do about radical Islam. And they know this country is headed for bankruptcy from out-of-control entitlements, and they aren't saying or doing anything about it. In fact, they're adding to your children's financial burden every minute of every day.

Forget baseball and football. Let's quit playing games on Capitol Hill, girls and boys. Let's have a hearing and swear them in for a change and let them feel the heat and field some questions about the goings-on, or lack thereof, in their workplace.

Congress is beyond a disgrace. It's a scandal.

Investigate that.



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