Where's the plane sense?

No crimes are right or moral. But some of them make twisted sense. Stealing valuables, for example.


Again, such crimes are stupid and wrong. But at least there's some rational thinking behind them.

Such cannot be said of the vandalism at little Pea Patch Airport in Blythe early Monday. Someone shot dozens of times at three airplanes and spray painted the Experimental Aircraft Association clubhouse with the usual symbols of juvenile thoughtlessness: KKK, swastika, Confederate flag.

Just to leave no doubt about the artist's mindlessness, he or she threw in a peace symbol.

That's one meandering stream of consciousness.

It's also about as thoughtless and ignorant as it comes -- especially considering the fact that the experimental aircraft at Pea Patch are used to entertain and educate kids. Oh, and the planes are intended to one day take food and medical supplies on mission trips to Third-World countries. Don't ask what the perpetrators were thinking. They weren't.

When convicted, we wish the vandals would 1) be able to find a suitable brain donor for a transplant and 2) be ordered to be missionaries for a couple of years. Maybe then they could get a small hint of what's out there -- how good they've got it here, and how others in the world are dependent on the kindness of such good souls as experimental aircraft owner Jim McBurney.

Thankfully, only through the grace of God, McBurney's plane survived. But just because crimes are senseless doesn't mean no one gets hurt.

We hope that fact gets spray painted hot pink on these cretins' gray matter.

Now, that would make some sense.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:15

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