A celebration of unity

Want to buy a ticket to someplace wonderful?


We promise the destination is so great, you likely won't be content to merely visit. You'll want to stay there.

That place is a unified Augusta - an Augusta where obstructive issues such as race are cast aside so the city can move forward.

And tickets are on sale now.

The first Unity in the City Gala has been planned for 6 p.m. Oct. 12 at the Julian Smith Casino, to honor Mayor Deke Copenhaver and former Mayor Willie Mays. Tickets cost $25 per person, or $45 per couple.

You can get tickets at Shanhill Sweets, 2124 Central Ave., or by calling (706) 284-6854 or (706) 796-1129.

"In an effort to help unite the city by having people from all walks of life get dressed up and come together for a social event, we decided that this approach to unity would be a fun and unique thing to do," said organizer Helen Blocker-Adams.

The semi-formal event will have live entertainment, heavy hors d'oeuvres and the palpable sense of trust and fellowship that is growing in Augusta every day.

This is a good cause everyone can support.

Also, a portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit Circle Refuge, a remarkable local group specializing in gang violence intervention.

So buy a ticket, and take a trip to a place where you can celebrate the future, and leave behind the divisive dinosaurs of the past.



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