The choice is yours

This is what's known in the industry as a get-out-the-vote editorial.


Please vote today if you live in the 10th Congressional District.

That's pretty much it.

You can move on to the next editorial, about Pakistan. We hear it's real good.

Unless you need some more convincing about the election today.

You know, we'll be filling a seat in Congress today - the one left vacant by the all-too-early passing of Rep. Charlie Norwood.

Folks, you just don't see a totally open congressional seat every day. And when Congress is so evenly split, a few seats here or there make a huge difference. It might just swing control of the institution next year.

Plus, so few people will be voting - maybe only 14 percent - your vote will carry much more weight than in most elections.

One more reason to vote: No lines. Oh, and you can vote even if you missed the June election.

We have endorsed former state Sen. Jim Whitehead. We know he'd do Charlie Norwood proud.

But whatever your choice, exercise it today. Please vote.



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