The jobs Americans can't do

We hear a lot about the "jobs Americans won't do." Part of it is, there are just some low wages Americans won't accept.


Be that as it may, you never hear much about the "jobs Americans can't do" - because the jobs have gone south. Or overseas.

Indeed, the job loss in textiles and apparel manufacturing alone has now gone over the 1 million mark since the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect in 1994, according to the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition.

That's a 65-percent erosion. Unbelievable.

And according to AMTAC, the U.S. has lost 3.2 million manufacturing jobs since 2000.

No one blames NAFTA alone, but a U.S. trade surplus with Mexico has turned into a $64 billion trade deficit. And, as AMTAC said recently, NAFTA's implementation "was symbolic of a sea change in U.S. trade policy" - and the model has since been replicated in the World Trade Organization, the Central American Free Trade Agreement and other deals.

We're losing our shirt. Literally.

It remains to be asked: How can a great nation remain great if it doesn't make things? Can a superpower subsist on pressing each other's foreign-made pants?



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