We need leaders, not rulers

Augusta Commissioner Calvin Holland complained bitterly Tuesday about what others were saying about him in the media - but he's the one who disrespected city Administrator Fred Russell by trying to seize his computer hard drive while Russell was on vacation. And when commissioners debated censuring Holland for it Tuesday, he was rude, disrespectful and childish - especially toward the genteel Mayor Deke Copenhaver.


If you can't be a gentleman while Mr. Copenhaver is presiding, you just can't be a gentleman.

Holland chose to ignore a city ordinance prohibiting commissioners from interfering with day-to-day employees of the city - and for that, he was censured by his colleagues on a 6-3 vote.

In the process, he refused to respect commission rules limiting speeches to two minutes.

Worst of all, Holland showed a world of disrespect to the mayor, to his fellow commissioners and to the people of this city. He owes everyone a heartfelt apology.

Calvin Holland may seem to be drunk with power when he tries to police individual employees - then claims, as he did during Tuesday's discussion, to be the mayor's "supervisor." But drunks sober up. If he does not, then Holland's problem would appear to be more fundamental: He apparently believes he is at City Hall to rule, rather than to serve.

If so, he's a fairly poor ruler, but a much worse leader.

Good leaders serve the people around them. They seek to help rather than to order. They cooperate and work together, rather than bullying others. They set a vision, then join hands to make it happen.

Mr. Holland, we don't need rulers; we need leaders.

If you want to lead, there's a terrific model that has hit the national scene in recent years - a model that is driven by an organization right here in Augusta called "Lead Like Jesus."

Inspired by famous management guru and author Ken Blanchard, the movement is really the first to highlight the leadership skills embodied in Christ's teachings and actions. He was, and is, the ultimate in servant leadership.

We strongly encourage Mr. Holland and others at City Hall to familiarize themselves with the "Lead Like Jesus" tenets coming out of the ministry, especially since it's right here in Augusta.

We find it difficult to believe Mr. Holland, affectionately called "Coach" by his friends, would seek to rule rather than to lead. Maybe the "Lead Like Jesus" approach could help him and his colleagues. All of us could stand to lead more like Jesus.

Mr. Holland, with all due respect we don't need any more "supervisors" at City Hall. We don't need rulers. We need team players. We need talented, motivated people like yourself to pitch in and help the city as a whole.

We need leaders. We hope you'll be one of them.



Thu, 12/14/2017 - 23:33

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