Too much information - for her, anyway

Let's get this straight.


Nancy Pelosi has time to fly to the Mideast, don a scarf and meet the likes of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - whose country is considered a terrorist-supporting state - and yet she's too busy to sit in on a briefing with top Iraq war commander Gen. David Petraeus?

She claims she had a scheduling conflict, and that a 30-minute telephone call with the general on Tuesday was enough.

That's a crock.

As the person sitting two heartbeats from the Oval Office chair, can you possibly have enough information on the status of the war, which is the defining event of the moment?

Well, we think in Pelosi's case, that's exactly the point: She doesn't want any information to get in the way of her conclusion, which is that the war and the surge are a disaster that need to be run from immediately.

Indeed, initially, House Democratic leaders turned down Petraeus' offer of a briefing all together. They later relented, after realizing how myopic and irresponsible they were being.

Nor can a phone conversation take the place of an in-person briefing, especially on so important and sensitive an issue.

And you would think - as much as she protests that she "supports" the troops - that she would make time for Petraeus as a courtesy to the highest-ranking U.S. commander in Iraq.

Then again, he might make a convincing case that the United States still has a shot of getting this done. And neither she nor her Senate leadership pal Harry Reid want to hear that.



Tue, 01/16/2018 - 22:30

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